We are Knight Venture Capital
Our mission is to back exceptional founders 
and we invest far more than money to help them reach their vision.

1. Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Our team has extensive experience in marketing and sales, finance and software development. One thing we all have in common is a passion for entrepreneurship.


We love to build and understand what it takes. This enables us to create transparent, long-term, sustainable value for our founders. 

3. We invest far more than money 

Needless to say we don't stop at writing a cheque. We are here to make the lives of our founders easier, if needed with hands-on operational support.

We actively host events to make sure our founders can interact and learn from each other, both online and offline. In addition to our investment team, a dedicated team of experts provides deep operational support is available to our founders.

2. The right fund for the right company

Chivalry and knighthood is our code; we stand by founders as allies and counselors whenever they hit crossroads, adversity and complex issues they can’t untangle alone.

We have a strong believe in the power of software to make the world a better place. We invest in what we love and understand; B2B SaaS companies.


Our extensive knowledge and experience of B2B SaaS companies allows us to provide founders with a quick and hassle free investment process.



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